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Child labour

General information about child exploitation and child slavery.

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Child Labour in Numbers

152 million children (64 million girls and 88 million boys) are engaged in child labour – almost one in ten of the world's children. The greatest number of children work in Africa (72,1 million children), followed by the Asia-Pacific region (62 million children), the American continent (10,7 million children, Europe and Central Asia (5,5 million children) and the Arab States (1,2 million children).


An estimated one third of working children between five and fourteen years of age do not go to school. 38 percent of the children in this age group work in dangerous conditions, and almost two thirds of those aged between 15 and 17 work more than 43 hours a week. 

What is child exploitation

  • What is child exploitation?

  • When children who work full-time prematurely

  • When work hours are too long

  • When the work is paid below local minimum wage levels

  • When too much responsibility is placed on the children

  • When the task is boring and monotonous

  • When the work environment is dangerous (i.e. on streets or in mines)

  • When children are forced to perform tasks that are unduly mentally or physically taxing

  • When children do not have time to attend school and do schoolwork 
    (Source: UNICEF)

Company Lists

Here is an extensive list of companies, branches and products laying out prevalent attitudes to child labour. The list "Active against Child Labour" provides a detailed, categorised evaluation of companies in the following areas:

  • -company policies against child labour
    -controls of production facilities
    -charges of child labour
    -efforts against child labour.

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The list "Fair Fashion" provides information that allows customers to buy from companies that produce ethically, pay their workers fairly and, of course, ensure that no child labour goes into their products.