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Josef Hader

Check the origin!


Dirk Stermann

Together against child exploitation!

Julian LePlay.png

Julian LePlay

A small step can lead to big change.


Fedor Holz

Für eine bessere Zukunft.

Monika Ballwein by Bernhard Eder 026.jpg

Monika Ballwein

Together we can make a big difference!

Nik P._edited.jpg

Nik P.

Give children a chance for a brighter future. 

gerhard fresacher.jpg

Gerhard Fresacher

Protect our children from exploitation!

Robert schindel.jpg

Robert Schindel

Child labour murders the soul and the future. 

hilde dalik.jpg

Hilde Dalik

Together for a brighter future.


Eik Breit

Check the origin!

magda kropiunig.jpg

Magda Kropiunig

Take that first step!

Andy Baum.jpg

Andy Baum

Join in and stand up!

jean ziegler.jpg

Jean Ziegler

An important step towards a fairer future.

Peter Windhofer.png

Peter Windhofer

Give children a future. 


Christoph Grissemann

Stand up together!

Ina Regen.png

Ina Regen

Take the first step and take a stand!

Konstantin wecker.jpg

Konstantin Wecker

Join in and stand up.

wolfram berger_edited.jpg

Wolfram Berger

Make child labour a thing of the past. 


Corinna Millborn

For a fair future for children.

Werner Boote_2013_byLamarre.jpg

Werner Boote

Join forces and make a difference.


Anton Algrang

Every voice counts!



Every small step counts.

gregor seberg.jpg

Gregor Seberg

End exploitation.


Christian Kolonovits

Change the world together!

Michael kuglitsch.jpg

Michael Kuglitsch

Close the markets for exploitation!

david Hofer.jpg

David Hofer

End child exploitation!

ursula bruck.jpeg

Ursula Bruck

Join forces for more humanity.