Partner Projects

Project of the Austrian Catholic Youth Movement in India

India: Child Labour in the Carpet Industry


India is the world's largest exporter of hand-woven carpets, and they are sold all over the world. Around 200,000 children work in India's infamous "Carpet Belt" alone. Many of the children are left with life-long difficulties as a result of the work: the wool fibres damage their airways, the chemicals used to treat and dye the yarn are toxic and the long work in hunched positions has a detrimental effect on muscles and bones. Just one in three of the children working in the carpet industry are able to go to school. 

The Catholic Youth Movement supports local projects to help child labourers.

Projekt der Project of the Austrian Catholic Youth Movement in Africa der katholischen Jungschar in Afrika

West Africa: Child Labour on Cocoa Plantations


70 % of the world's cocoa comes from west Africa. According to a 2015 report by Tulane University (USA), more than two million children work in the cocoa industry – in Ivory Coast and Ghana alone. Cocoa is a prime example of how child labour rates rise as international market prices fall, sometimes as a result of speculation. Due to a drop in price employers could no longer afford to employ adults, so they starter using cheaper child labour. 

Local partners report that human trafficking is rife: children from other regions are promised a better life, then forced to work in the cocoa industry. 

Project by Germany's Sternsinger Charity in India

India: Child labour in quarries


India is one of the world's leading providers of natural stone. Granite for headstones is mainly sourced in southern India. The by-products of sandstone mining in western India are used to produce paving stones and countertops for the European market. The reason this stone is so cheap is that at least part of it is mined by children – an estimated 150,000 children work in India's quarries.