Across the world, 73 million children are forced to work in exploitative, dangerous conditions. Our mission is to use artistic means and methods to combat this exploitation and ensure these children have a chance at a brighter future. Our efforts to raise awareness will concentrate on educating people about how much child labour goes into the products they use every day and what they can do to reduce the problem. We encourage people to shop ethically and sustainably. Our RESOURCES section contains handy advice on how to do so. A small step can make a huge difference, and together we can change the world – or, at least, the lives of these children.

This is OUR goal.

With YOUR help, WE can do it.

Our Mission

We don't just hope to raise awareness among consumers as to what they can do to combat child labour. We also campaign to change laws to ensure lasting change. Although child labour is banned internationally, products produced by children may still be sold. This hole in the existing laws must finally be closed off once and for all to reduce the market for products of child labour and ensure that exploited children have a better future. 


We work with a number of international partner organisations, engage artistically and politically and support projects at local level. 


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