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Organised by the Butterfly Rebels in co-operation with the Catholic Youth Movement 
Campaign against child exploitation

The nightmare of child exploitation



Across the world, 73 million children are exploited and force to work in harrowing conditions. They risk their lives in mines and quarries, toil on plantations or in factories, sew cheap clothing or spend their days weaving carpets. 



Everyday products such as coffee, tea, chocolate, carpets, smartphones etc. also contain child labour. When shopping for groceries it is possible to look for reliable certifications such as Fair Trade, as they are known to combat child labour. But what about all the other products that are not certified? And what about products with long, highly complex supply chains, like electronic goods?



Call for Political Change



Above all else, one thing is necessary to remove child labour from the products we buy: laws that allow for greater controls of production processes. We therefore call upon politicians to pass and implement laws that would protect human rights in manufacturing industries. This would allow for an effective campaign against child labour and other violations of human and workers' rights. 



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A moving examination of the lives of child labourers that shows that something must be done.  
Butterfly Rebels - The movie

The Story:


A 12-year-old schoolboy from Austria and a 12-year-old child labourer from India are brought together by a magic pullover and the power of their consciousness. The boy suddenly finds himself in the harrowing conditions experienced by the Indian girl and discovers first-hand what the consequences of the exploitation of children tolerated by European clothing companies entail. His world will never be the same again, and he realises that he has no choice: he will have to save her to save himself. After all, it all begins with him...





Berith Schistek, Karl Benedikter, A.W. Grill





ATLANTIS AWARD – Best Foreign-Language Feature Screenplay at the international MOONDANCE Film Festival in Boulder, Colorado for the script "Magic of the Moon" (Original title of Butterfly Rebels)


SCRIPT FINALIST at the Awareness Film Festival in Los Angeles with the script "Magic of the Moon" (Original title)


CARL-MAYER Scriptwriting Award: Honourable Mention of the Treatment for "Magic of the Moon" (Original title)

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