Child labour - A thing of the past


There was once a butterfly in Brazil and a tornado in Texas – but that's another story. There was once a scriptwriter in Austria who followed her inner voice and wrote a script for a film about child labour. The years passed and the screenwriter focused on other projects. However, she never lost sight of the project closest to her heart. In 2018 she decided to take a new approach with an author she knew. This time, the screenplay and the film would form only part of the concept, as the subject of child labour is too complicated to be dealt with comprehensively in a 90-minute feature film. The decision was made to pave the way to the movie with activities that would draw attention to its central themes. 


The two authors adopted the name "Butterfly Rebels" and began to re-write the script with the assistance of an expert in the field: the EU's former expert for child labour, a real-life superhero who has travelled through India 80 times and freed numerous children from exploitation. In addition, he continues to lobby against child labour in Europe. After all, is there a better way to end exploitation than to remove the market for the products it provides? His involvement led to a co-operation with the German Sternsinger charity, which established the foundation for a comprehensive campaign against child labour. 

One orchid is a plant, two are a botanical garden and three butterflies are a butterfly house. A young, passionate manager joined the two writers, and the Butterfly Rebels soon also garnered the support of the Austrian Catholic youth organisation. Celebrities began supporting the campaign, which had by now won the financial support of a well-known foundation.

The first beat of the butterfly's wings had created a fresh, strong spring breeze...                                                                                                                                                               As people came to realise the consequences of their own actions, they increasingly chose to make a statement by purchasing products that had been produced ethically and spread the message to others. Then the miracle occurred: the developing consumer consciousness forced the worlds of politics and industry to react and put an end to the exploitation of child workers once and for all...

That is our dream, and that is the dream we will continue to pursue until child labour is little more than a fading memory from a dark era of the past.