Kinderarbeiter in der Modeindustrie

Fotograf: GMB Akash

Sadanands Geschichte

Sadanand's body is covered in scars. The 13-year-old boy was a slave in the carpet industry in Mirzapur in India. He worked between 16 and 20 hours a day with few breaks and little to eat. If he fell asleep he was beaten, once with a plank of wood covered in nails. He was eventually able to escape. 


-Pütter, Benjamin, in "Kleine Hände – großer Profit", published by Wilhelm Heyne Verlag, 2017.

Until he was able to escape, Sadanand was one of 73 million exploited child labourers forced to work in dangerous conditions around the world.

The Butterfly Effect is the theory that the beat of a butterfly's wings can cause a cyclone on the other side of the world.


We chose the name BUTTERFLY REBELS to convey the message that EVERY INDIVIDUAL can make a small contribution to become part of A POWERFUL MOVEMENT. 


We are a team of creative people committed to ending child exploitation and child slavery. Our charity was founded in Vienna in 2018. Since then we have been working on our campaign with international partners and testimonials. It all began with a script for a movie about child labour. This developed into the idea of a charity and the start of our campaign. We intend to use art and creativity to raise awareness of the issue of child labour. 


Our current projects include advertising campaigns, art projects, a movie and events, as well as supporting local partner projects.

We hope to encourage everyone to become part of our movement and stand up against child labour and child slavery. 


Our mission is to use the artistic means and methods to combat this exploitation and ensure these children have a chance at a brighter future. Our efforts to raise awareness will concentrate on educating people about how much child labour goes into the products they use every day and what they can do to reduce the problem. A small step can make a huge difference, and together we can change the world – or, at least, the lives of these children.

This is OUR goal. With YOUR help, WE can do it.