Berith Schistekwas born in Vienna in 1963. From an early age she hoped to use writing to change the world. Deciding that conventional media was not for her she worked as a writer and producer for various advertising agencies before taking on the media and public relations and event organisation responsibilities for an event and exhibition space. 


She spent several years working as a freelance photographer and journalist and staged her first play for children in 2003 with Andreas Moldaschl. She then worked with the screenwriter Karl Benedikter, creating a number of episodes for TV series as well as feature and docutainment formats. These various projects served to reinforce her dream of realising the movie and the blog "The Butterfly Rebels" in order to work on ending child labour alongside national and international partners. 

CEO, Creative Diretor

Berith Schistek


Walter A. Grill was born in Klagenfurt in 1970. As a child he wanted to become a journalist, but after a few semesters of media studies in Klagenfurt and Vienna he discovered a passion for theatre. A year of acting school convinced him that he was better off backstage and he proceeded to work as an author, playwright and dramaturg, often with the director Gerhard Fresacher. 

The occasional excursion into film and television, including the script for David Hofer's recent project "Traman", was complimented by a move into the field of books, with the first novel "Humoreske Op.101 Nr.7" being published by Malandro in 2015. Since then he has also worked as freelance writer for a variety of companies. Never one to rest on his laurels, he has ventured out into other fields repeatedly during his career, working as a night auditor at hotels, a ticket collector on Austria's trains and as a youth social worker.

Creative Direction and Innovation

A.W. Grill


Lara Pflanzer was born in Vienna, Austria, in 1993 and studied tourism before moving in to the field of economics. She completed her Business Management and European Economics courses with a focus on marketing and administration. During her studies she began working in the fields of business development, project management, business operations and process management as well as human resources and communication management for various corporations and start-ups.

She has sat on the borad of the Leaf Foundation, a charity for micro-finance projects in Africa, since 2018. She joined the Butterfly Rebels team in January 2019. 

Project and Campaign Management

Lara Pflanzer


Benjamin Pütter was born in Freiburg, Germany, in 1958. He is an expert on child labour issues and author of the book "Kleine Hände – Großer Profit" (Small Hands, Large Profits). He has spent 37 years travelling through countries in which child labour is prevalent, freeing child slaves and supporting projects to re-introduce them into society. He has been the child rights and child labour consultant to the German charity "Die Sternsinger" since November 2015. 

Child Labour Expert and Consultant

Benjamin Pütter